NFHS Media Center Orientation Spring 2019
1. Scan the QR codes around the library to answer the questions on this library orientation quiz. Watch the videos as many times as you need to find the answers. Don't forget to submit your answers. When you are done, close out all open windows on iPad and return to it to the cart.
2. Check out a book. Sit down and start reading.
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1. What is the media specialist's name? *
2. What is the media assistant's name? *
3. What hours is the NaFo media center open? *
4. What are the media center rules? *
5. If a book has a red dot on it, what does that mean? *
6. Before you check out a book with a red dot, what do you need to consider? *
7. In the NaFo media center, non-fiction books are on the *
8. In the NaFo media center, fiction books are on the *
9. In the NaFo media center, graphic novels are *
10. What do you need to check out a book at the NaFo media center? *
11. How many books can you check out of the NaFo media center? *
12. What do you do with books you take off the shelf that you do not want? *
13. How much does it cost to print in black and white? *
14. How much does it cost to print in color? *
15. What do I do if I want to request or recommend a book for the NaFo media center? *
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