IYCF 2010 Brief Information & Application Form (deadline October 10th, 2010)

International Youth Climate Forum 2010
Be The Change “Better Earth Through You and Me”
October 23rd-29th, 2010 Makassar, South Sulawesi-Indonesia

What is IYCF 2010?
The International Youth Climate Forum is a space for 150 talented youth from around the world to share their experiences, thought, awareness and understanding on climate change, and to work for a brighter and greener future.

What is the aim?
The event aims to give youngsters a voice on climate change, to improve understanding and inspire action to fight global warming.

What is the theme?
Theme : Be the Change “A Better Earth through You and Me”

When it will be held?
The Forum would be held on October 23th – 29th, 2010 in South Sulawesi, Indonesia.

What are the programs?
The agendas are Conference, Islands and Tropical Forest Expedition, Plenary Session, Public Youth Dialog, Focus Group Discussion, Workshop, Green Campaign, Tourism and Cultural Visit.

Where it will be take place?
We will have three places for the venues
1. Hasanuddin University
Hasanuddin University is one of the biggest stated-owned universities in Indonesia, based in Makassar, the capital of South Sulawesi province. The university was established in 1956, named after Sultan Hasanuddin, a King of Gowa Kingdom.

2. Bengo-Bengo Forest
Bengo-Bengo forest is situated in Cenrana District of Maros Regence, South Sulawesi. The Forest is pine forest in 1300 Ha that has been preserved by Hasanuddin University as Education tropical forest with some species of animals lived in the forest such as white monkey, ancient butterfly, etc.

3.Takabonerate Island
Takabonerate national park is located in the west part of Selayar Regency of South Sulawesi which consists of small islands such as Rajuni Island and Tinabo Island as the main island. The island is the third biggest of coral reef in the Coral Triangle of the world with abundant of fishes, species of coral reefs and sea grass. The large of the islands is approximately 220.000 hectare and 500 km² of coral reefs lines.

How to register & participate?
All participants must fill in the attached application form and submit it to the organizing committee. The registration will be open in three groups of period:
• First Group: 12th August – 1St September 2010
• Second Group: 2nd September - 25th September 2010
• Third Group: 25th September - 10 October 2010

The Application form consist of 3 Part:
1. Personal Information
2. Emergency Contact
3. Questionnaire

Participant donation fees?
• Corporate / Business USD 350
• Education / Civil Service USD 250
• Individual & Civil Society Organization USD 200
• University Student 150 USD

This option is available to anyone. It simply means that you literally pay what you can afford. Because IYCF 2010 is self-funded, preference will be given to full-paying participants. PAYBAY seats are limited, and prioritized as follows:
• Civil Society Organizations: Teams working on a social or environmental project
• Individuals working on a social or environmental project
• Teams or Individuals without a clearly-defined project
You could apply by sending us the description of your CV, past & current projects with some pictures inside, write short essay on Why we should support you?

Participant donation fee will cover for your accommodations, meals, local transportation arrangement, field trip, certificate and forum kits.

Please note that all participants must bear their own international travel expenses to Makassar (Ujung Pandang), South Sulawesi, Indonesia.

All applications must be submitted by apply online or email to International Youth climate Forum 2010 Coordinator: iycf2010@gmail.com

Thank you.
Best regards,

IYCF 2010 Organizing Committee

Celebes Youth Center Secretariat
Phone : +62411 539 0815
Mobile Phone. +6281543128242
Fax: +62411 582255
Email :iycf2010@gmail.com

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