Health Science Academy Stakeholder Connection Survey
At Walter Bickett Elementary, we have a wonderful educational opportunity for our students. We will be able to create a strong curriculum connection between Walter Elementary, the Health Sciences Academy at Monroe Middle School, and Monroe High School. This Kindergarten through 12th grade connection will give students access to innovative curriculum and high quality instruction. We want our students to learn about how they can have an influential role in the STEM, health sciences, and medical fields. While various STEM Health Sciences opportunities will be offered to our students, our goals at Walter Elementary continue to focus on meeting students’ educational needs, improving student achievement and growth, and increasing student engagement.

We would like to get your feedback and input in the decision-making process regarding the STEM Health Science Academy at Walter Elementary. Please complete the following survey. If you should have questions or concerns, please contact our school office at (704) 283-8520.
What educational experiences would you like to see in the Health Science Academy at Walter Bickett Elementary?
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Do you have health science experience or serve in this capacity of the medical field? *
If you responded YES to the questions and would like to volunteer or become a mentor please list your contact information below (Name, Email Address, Phone Number & Occupation).
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Please list any recommendations that you may have for the Health Science Academy at Walter Bickett.
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Please provide additional feedback that you would like to share below.
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We would like to have staff and parent involvement in the development of the plan. If you are interested, please provide your contact Information.
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