Application for Incubation & Acceleration at The Nest I/O
The successful candidates will be informed/notified about the next steps via email. Make sure you provide the correct email addresses of all your team members.

For those selected startups that have to relocate to Karachi for the program, they need to bear all expenses related to the relocation and working out of The Nest I/O.

-The program is 4 months long
-The program is based in Karachi and the office is open Monday to Saturday, 9 am to 7 pm
-The Nest I/O only incubates products and not services. What's the difference? Products are scalable in nature. In terms of technology, it is the ability of a tech product (hardware or software) to continue to function well when it (or its context) is changed in size or volume in order to meet a user need.
-Time & commitment: Please note that the co-founders of the startup need to be working out of The Nest I/O during the program period for the incubation track. Employees and interns are not counted as team representatives.
Maximum number of team members per team that can be stationed at The Nest i/o at a given time are 4 (subject to availability of space).
Which track are you applying for? *
The Nest I/O’s Acceleration Track is designed for investment-ready, later-stage startups who have existing customers and are looking to scale their business. Supported by Google’s Powered by Launchpad platform, it gives you access to Google’s resources, connects you with mentors from Google’s global network, provides you with Google product credits, and gives you the opportunity to undertake a Silicon Valley immersion trip and much more. Our team also works closely with the startup to monitor their progress, set milestones, connects them to mentors and investors within the local market. - The Nest I/O’s Incubation Track is designed for early-stage tech startups. The application for incubation is assessed holistically and we do not have a rigid eligibility criterion. All founders operating in the tech space are encouraged to apply, and preference is given to startups that can demonstrate a business plan, MVP, or a working prototype. Supported by Google for Startups, our best-in-class incubation program provides budding entrepreneurs with space, infrastructure, facilities, and knowledge sessions as well as access to a network of mentors and potential investors. Although applications are assessed holistically, only startups that can demonstrate investor-readiness and have existing customers and revenue will be considered for the acceleration track. Please apply for the appropriate program.
Name of Startup *
Name of Contact Person *
Email Address of Contact Person *
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City *
This is the city that the team is based in. If you get selected and you don't live in Karachi, you must decide to move to Karachi for the duration of the program or work with The Nest I/O team to work out an alternate arrangement where we can work remotely.
Have you been a part of any incubation or acceleration program before? *
If yes, please specify the incubation or acceleration program that you have been a part of locally or internationally
Please enter in this format for each of the team members, including yourself: 1. Name, 2. Email address, 3. Contact number, 4. Educational qualification, 5. Role E.g. Junaid Umair,, 0300-8299821, Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering from NED, Co-Founder
How many team members do you have? *
Includes founders, employees, interns, etc
How long have the Co-founders known each other? *
Please tell us what each of the co-founders are currently doing. *
E.g. Junaid Umair is working full time on startup. Ali Riaz is studying, etc.
Which of the following is true? *
Please tick all that apply
This part is the most important part of the application - Use it to tell us what your product does. Be precise and direct.
Video Pitch Link (Optional but Highly Recommended)
a 1-minute video pitch of your startup. Video quality will not be judged and a mobile camera will suffice. We are instead looking for conviction and passion for the product. You can upload the video as an unlisted video on YouTube and share the link with us
Please describe your product in detail. *
Describe the problem you are solving *
Why should we choose your startup? *
What is your target market? *
Who are your competitors and how are you different? *
How are you going to make money? *
Which stage of development is your product at? *
Please note that when you come to pitch at The Nest i/o, you will be asked to show a Minimum Viable Product (MVP). This can be a prototype, a demo, a website, or anything that tests the basic functionality of your product.
If you have raised any sort of funding, please list the figure below. Funding includes grants, startup competition award money, funding raised from family and friends, or investment from an institutional investor. If you have not raised funding yet, please enter zero. *
If your startup is generating any revenue, please enter the aggregated revenue below. Otherwise, please enter zero. *
How long has your team been working on the product? *
What progress have you made so far?
Progress/traction can include things such as: number of customers, partnerships with other organizations, profiles of advisers/mentors on your board, website traffic, number of social media likes, app downloads, connections with experts, media, and influencers, demonstrable intent from potential customers, patents obtained or other similar information that demonstrates progress.
Link to prototype (if available)
Link to website (if available)
Links to LinkedIn profiles of founders (if available)
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