Live AFT Certification Request Form
Use this form to request that a Certified AFT Instructor come to your city to teach a 2-day intensive AFT Certification class. Once you submit this form you will be assigned to an Instructor near you or able to travel to your area. They will reach out to you and discuss further details, such as the size of your group, possible venue ideas, etc.

If your idea for a class looks viable, you will be able to register for certification for a 40% discount ($360). Once registered, the instructor will be your personal coach in helping to make this class happen. We look for having a group of at least 10 people to make travel to your city viable. However, if there is an instructor close to you, or if you can provide a venue or lodging, you may be able to schedule with less people than that.

The Instructor will help you with outreach ideas, use AFT with you so that you can have your own testimonial to share, and release any blocks you may have about making this a reality. They will also do live Facebook or Zoom calls with your group or your contacts to introduce them to AFT and explain certification.

Filling out this form is not yet a commitment to having a class on either side, it is just to begin the conversation.

We look forward to bringing AFT to you!

Dr. Perkus

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Is there a specific Instructor who you know that you would like to request? If so put them below. If not we will find a match based on date, geography, etc
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