Indietopia citizenship program
The Indietopia citizenship program offers: support with a page on our site (2,000+ visitors daily)*. In addition, we offer support with subsidies and funding. For Indietopia Citizens(members) of the foundation, we also include access to templates (business canvas, project plans, communication plans, press releases). Furthermore, you will get access to press lists and contacts and can even send your press releases out through us (Legendary tier only). With a page on our website, you'll benefit from our ad network and generate visibility when close to a launch or working on a project.

Some of the tools we use:
- Metakai - we use it to increase Twitter followers for our teams.
- Google Analytics - we use it to attract more visitors to our web pages and optimize our site.
- Google Ads - we use these to set up a/b testing for our message and visibility for your project.
- Templates - we provide these so you have less paperwork on your hands.
- Divi builder: we use it to create custom templates and pages for our website.

If you would like to receive more information about our citizenship program, please let us know and we'll keep you informed! Citizenship is initiated on mutual agreement, has limited availability, and requires a short interview to set up.

Spots available relative to the tier memberships: There are an infinite amount of spots available for our Basic Tier, 10 Spots for our ''Epic'' tier and 5 for our ''Legendary'' tier.

* We reserve the right to decide which content is placed on our website.
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Tiers are available from 9.99 to 100 - Check our website for more information (This one still needs a lot of work)
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Motivation for requesting a Legendary Tier membership: ''Since the Legendary Tier requires our company to engage in more interactive activities spaces for this tier are limited. Therefore, a motivation is required to apply.''
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