Welcome to the registration form for the VI Edition of What Is Music, International Meeting of Music and Art held in Frías, Burgos (Spain), from 19 to 28 July.

Enrolling in the WIM is a complete experience that takes place during the ten days, so there is only one option to register, FULL ENTRY in which you can choose an intensive course (24 hours) and a workshop of 6 hours per shift (3 workshops in total).

It also includes assistance for all additional activities, conferences, concerts at the Castle, preference in the camping area and an exquisite breakfast every day.

Breakfast continues to maintain its importance within the WIM as a meeting point in the morning and is included free of charge in all registrations. We also offer a meal ticket for all days of the meeting, the service is provided by BoomBoomRest who has been with us for the past three years. All the food we serve at the WIM is vegan and is our way of claiming an alternative way to feed this society.

There are several registration periods with different prices, remember that the number of attendees to the WIM is limited, seeking to maintain a balance between quality and care of the courses offered.

As a novelty this year we have enabled a registration for the smallest lxs. We want that with time lxs peques find and have better defined their space, we consider in a future to make a WIM for these ages and this is one of our steps to achieve it. Parallel to the activities of lxs major, lxs peques will have their space so that tdxs we can enjoy the courses and workshops without problems.

To fill in the form for children you can do it soon from the registration page of the website.

Remember that the registration for adults includes:

- An intensive course of 24h.
- All the conferences and activities of the meeting.
- All performances, shows, concerts and jams / Music, Circus, Theatre, Dance...
- Activities for families and children.
- Right to camping area equipped with hot showers, drinking water points and toilets.
- Delicious rich and nutritious breakfast every day to start with desire.
- Safe space to store instruments.

**IMPORTANT: Until the deposit reaches the account we will not send you confirmation, this process can take up to 5 working days from when you perform the operation depending on the bank with which you work.
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Remember that your name must match with the name of the bank receipt. If the payment is made by another person to your name, write your name and in parentheses the person who will make the payment.
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WHAT IS MUSIC 2019 application
SOLD OUT!! From 10 to 17 of April – 20 limited tickets at a reduced price of 230€
SOLD OUT!! Till 25 of April – 30 limited tickets at a reduced price of 260€
SOLD OUT!! Till 15 of May – 60 limited tickets at a reduced price of 290€
SOLD OUT!! Till 15 of June - 60 limited tickets at a price of 310€
Till 18 of July - the price will be 330€
From the 18 of July the price will be 350€

Courses and workshops are continuous. It is not allowed to swap between them without the organization's prior authorization in order to keep a continuous learning.

Limited number of seats in workshops and courses. The minimum number of attendees to confirm a Course or Workshop is 8 people.

The schedule might be changed before the start date of the meeting; in that case, It will be communicated to all participants by contact information provided.

** IMPORTANT: Until the deposit does not reach the account, we will not send you the confirmation, this process may take several days from the moment you perform the operation depending on the bank you work with.
Intensive Courses
Intensive courses will be held from Monday 22 to Saturday 27 in the morning. Choose only one.
First shift Workshops ( Saturday.20 and Sunday.21)
Please choose one
Second shift Workshops( Monday.22 and Tuesday.23)
Please choose one
Third shift Workshops( Thursday.25 and Friday.26)
Escoge sólo uno.
Food tickets *
As in previous editions the food service is coming on wheels by the hand of Pedro Gervás and his team: Boom Boom Rest.The ticket includes all meals and dinners from Friday 21 (dinner only) to Saturday 29. Each meal consists of 2 vegan dishes, dessert and bread. The food during the 10 days have a price of 100. (25€ must be deposit in advance at the time to pay the ticket, the other 75€ must paid once you arrive to the festival.)
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¿What are the instruments you will bring to WIM19
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Share something with us if you want
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How and from where are you coming to Frías?
Facebook group 'Collective Transportation WIM' was created to help you coming to Frias in a share ride. Join and help reduce emissions by sharing transportation.
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Are you coming with under-age people?
Is your pet coming with you?
No one knows better its behavior than you. If it is the first time you attend tpo this type of events, is aggressive or does not know how to behave with the other pets and people, we ask you to please do not bring it in. You must be responsible 24 hours a day, if you attend courses and workshops you must find someone who take care of it in that time. Remember to bring bags to collect its excrements, Everything must be as we found it! The animals will not be able to access any enclosure in Frias and they must remain tied during meals and open activitiesperformances. The organization will reserve the right not to allow the entry of owners of animals that do not respect these basic rules.
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How did you find out about WIM? you can check more than one option *
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Which place to camp is your preference?
It is not binding. Both camping areas have bathrooms and showers (hot water). The river area is quieter and is by 15 minutes walk, designed for families and people who want more rest.
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Do you miss anythingduring WIM? *
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Once the registration is done you must send us the receipt of the bank paymen. As soon as the transfer becomes effective we will confirm your place. *
In the case of rebooking the food ticket, 25 € will be added to the payment of the registration. If the registration is canceled for any reason, 50% of the amount will be returned. If you cant finally come to Frías your place can be given to another person (if it is done in a different period, it will be adjusted according to the increase in enrollment). After June 1st, NO refunds will be made. In the case that the course is cancelled, 100% will be refunded.
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