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This form is for people and groups who will commit to publicly display #DefundClimateChaos street art designs  made by 6 artists. (You can paste up the art street-art style, paste or get permission to display in windows/fences/walls, use it for pop-up art shows, or use as visuals for public actions--see the artwork and how to kit here:

Once you sign up, we will send you copies of the #DefundClimateChaos Street Art newspapers. Allow 1 week or so for shipping.
Apologies, but at this point we are only able to ship within the US and Canada,  not Int'l.
If you can pick up your papers from the East Bay Area, CA, please leave a note in your form and we will get back.

We will ship you two sets of the 6 designs --12 posters in total. Each newspaper requires a bit of trimming and the 8 pages assemble into a giant (3 1/2 by 5 1/2 feet) poster.  Let us know below if you can get out more.

If you are able to make a donation to help cover some the cost of the shipping/art, we would super appreciate it:
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We will ship two sets of 6 images (12 total). Can your group get more up or get them out to other groups/activists/friends in your area?L et us know here; wee can ship one or more larger bundles of 6 sets/30 papers and 8 sets/48 newspapers if you think you can get them up and out.                  Apologies to  Int'l friends; Not able at this time to ship outside US and Canada, but you can download and print the images at
Can you or your group donate to the production and shipping of art? This is NOT a requirement, but if you are up to donate it REALLY helps us out a lot and enables us to send posters to those who can't afford to donate. It costs about $8 to ship two sets (12 posters) an another $10+ to print and produce. You can make a donation here: *
Will you and your group/friends/family commit to get these street art posters out and visible in your city or area during the April 2-10 week of #DefundClimateChaos Art Action? You can get  (wheat) paste them up in visible public places, use them as visual signs in public actions, or use them in a public pop-up art show. We have created a a how-to street art kit with tips and instruction to help with any of these ways of suing the artwork: *
You can get the street art posters up by (wheat) pasting them up in visible public places, using them in public events or actions at banks or other location, or using them in a public pop-up art show.
Will you document and share on social media (without getting yourself in trouble)? *
Can you share photos and videos with us? (sending photos and videos to *
Thank you for getting this art out in the world in solidarity with the Defund Climate Chaos movement! Anything else you want us to know?
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