JBoss Developer Studio Documentation Survey
This survey is about the Red Hat JBoss Developer Studio documentation. You may need the following page as a reference when answering the questions:


This survey should take approximately five minutes. Thank you for your participation. We are very happy to hear any feedback (good or bad) about the documentation, including any requests for information you would like us to add to these docs.
Have you used the DevStudio docs page (linked above) before?
Did you find the information you needed in the documentation?
If you did not find the information you needed, please tell us more.
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Did you have any comments, feedback, or general thoughts about the documentation you found? For example, something that made it easy to use, something that got in the way, etc.
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We love to hear from our users. Add your name and email address if you can continue helping us shape the future of the docs. If you include your feature(s) of interest, this will help us direct our conversation with you.
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