Sheridan Community Garden Intake Form 2018
Thank you for your interest in the Sheridan Community Garden! We're looking forward to beginning our third growing season this spring.

The garden is an edible garden (for food only) and is located at Trafalgar campus between the A wing and the Athletics Centre. The garden has separate plots for groups to take care of and grow food for personal consumption. Plots will be assigned to interested groups with any combination of students, staff and/or faculty members with a minimum of 4 people per group. Priority will be given to students, and some consideration will be given to group availability during summer months. For those who are interested but do not have a group in mind, we will help you connect with others in the same boat. We also endeavour to connect inexperienced with experienced gardeners to share skills and knowledge. The tentative timeline for the garden in 2018 is:

April 13: Deadline for applications (This Intake form is your Application form). We will contact you shortly after this date to explain next steps.

End of April/Early May: Orientation meeting(s) for interested Sheridan members which will explain the garden and processes in more detail.

May: Garden open for planting! We will hold at least one group planting session for those who need guidance with planting and maintenance and invite those with experience to share their skills. While we will not be starting seedlings for you this year, we still have many seeds available for you for free of charge.

* We thank TD Friends of the Environment for their help funding our garden.

Contact Information
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Last Name/Family Name *
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First and Last Names of Your Gardening Group Members, if any. If you have no one in mind, write n/a. *
Write the first and last names of anyone you would like to share your plot with. If you do not have anybody in mind, or do not yet have the minimum number of members of 4, we will try to match you up with others who also need a group.
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When is the expected last month and year of your studies or employment at Sheridan (e.g. April 2019)? If you are permanently employed, write n/a. *
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Gardening Experience & Availability
How many years of gardening experience do you have? *
If you have some gardening experience, in what capacity did you gain that experience? (Check all that apply) *
Indicate your level of comfort/experience with each of the following gardening tasks. Let us know if you would like help or can offer help for any of the tasks. *
Am comfortable doing on my own
Would need guidance/help from others
Am quite knowledgeable/experienced and would be able to offer help to others
Am not willing/able to do
Growing seedlings indoors to prepare for planting outdoors
Planting Seeds or Seedlings in the garden
Watering, Weeding and Maintenance
Pest Control and Deterrence
Laying soil, compost, etc.
Garden Design (e.g. fencing, landscaping, etc.)
The Sheridan Community Garden is considering having a small community plot to grow edibles for donation to the campus foodbank or elsewhere and may ask garden members to tend to the community plot a few days per month or on alternate months. Would you be willing/able to contribute in this way? *
Which months of the summer of 2018 will you most likely be available to come to campus to tend to your plot at least once a week? Check all that apply. *
The garden committee is investigating the possibility of having a student rep on the committee (currently composed of staff and faculty) to help liaise with students and better meet student needs. Are you a student with strong leadership skills that might be interested in acting as a student committee rep? This would involve activities such as attending occasional committee meetings and liaising with other student garden members through social media. *
The Sheridan Community Garden has some raised plots for gardeners with accessibility needs (1 foot and 2 feet off the ground for those who are not able to bend or crouch). Will you need an accessible plot? *
If you answered yes to the last question about an accessible garden plot, please feel free to provide details about your needs here.
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Which dates and times would you be able to make for our upcoming Orientation(s) meeting(s)? *
Unfortunately I'm not available/able
Weekday morning (9am-12pm ish)
Weekday afternoon (3-5pm ish)
Weekday lunch (12-2 ish)
Weekday evening (5-7pm ish)
Garden Art & Design
We are looking for arts and design students, or anyone with artistic skills to help "beautify" the garden with things like creative signage, a mural, etc., and/or help design our posters and website. Would you be interested in helping in this capacity and in what way? *
Final Questions/Comments
Is there anything else you feel the garden committee should know about you, or any other comments that you have that would be helpful for the committee?
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Do you have any questions about the Sheridan Community Garden that have not already been answered?
The Garden Facebook group is open to all Sheridan students. Please search for us under the title "Sheridan Community Garden Club" and ask to join!
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