WnCC SoC '19 - Mentor Form
It is amazing to know that you are interested in mentoring a few students over the summer. You can use this opportunity to get some serious work done on one of your hobby projects or some idea you have been really interested in for a while.

Timeline- 15th May to 15th July

Selection Procedure: Mentees for each project will be required to submit a brief proposal. The mentor would need to shortlist and handpick their mentees after going through all the proposals. The selection criteria is completely in your hands. Proposal deadline will be around the second week of April. and you need to give us the final selected students by 1st May.

Note: It is possible to become a mentor for multiple projects, however you would need to put in more time for that. You need not necessarily be present in institute to be a mentor but at the very least, you would require to put in around 4-5 hours per week to remain in contact with your mentees.

Just a few steps before you will have a really enthusiastic set of people to work with :)
Email address *
Name *
Email ID *
Name of the project/idea *
Typically we want your dead / half completed /new ideas coming out here. This is a great way to see your ideas becoming a reality and the mentees learning in the process. Also, don't put any idea with a deadline here. "Hobby projects" are what we are looking for.
If there are multiple co-mentors, add their name(s) in this format : Name (roll No)
Project Category *
Description of the project *
This will go as it is on the SoC website- http://wncc-iitb.org/soc. Elaborate on what work needs to be done and what all the project will involve. Suggest some reading material and other resources if applicable. Insert Github link if it's an existing project. Also describe a little as to what will be expected by the student in his proposal. The SoC timeline is of 2 months. It would be a good idea to give the mentee a good picture of what would be expected of him.
Project banner picture *
All the projects on the SoC website have a banner that makes the project look good. We urge you to provide one. It could be a good visual that you get when your project is run or otherwise a simple Google search does it. ;)
How many people would you like to mentor for this project? *
Pick the number of mentees you would need according to the need of the project. Do not pick a lot just because you can. We want each student to do considerable work. Also 5 is the upper cap since we believe more than that can get messy at the mentor's end.
How would you like your mentees to contact you? *
Provide links to social media, email address or any other communication channel that would be used by the mentee to reach you. If you plan to make a Slack, IRC or Gitter kind of chat room, that'd be too awesome, just attach a link here. (If using Slack- enable signup for *@iitb.ac.in, so that the mentee can directly sign up).
What other activities are you participating in this summer? *
Where will you be most of the summer? *
Give us a rough timeline of what your mentee is supposed to do, each week. *
Give us 4 bi-weekly checkpoints, starting from the first week, failing which the mentee might be dismissed from the project. (Eg. Project: InstiApp, 1st checkpoint (after second week): solving a bug in InstiApp) *
Would you conduct interviews for selecting your mentees? *
What are some topics you would like to have discussions on?
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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