GCAHS Student Council Member Registration 2019-20
New members will be added to our rosters each Wednesday!
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Student Council members are supposed to be active and willing participants. Do you promise to be an active participant in the Student Council? This includes attending the meetings, attending events, and engaging in the approved Student Council communication platforms. *
Student Council members are supposed to set a good example, and make our school a better place. Do you promise to be courteous at all times, and to engage in positive conversation and behavior (both inside and outside of school)? *
Student Council members are required to follow the rules of the Student Council, committees and the school. This includes all rules listed in GCAHSSC Bylaws. Do you promise to follow all rules? Please note that the failure to follow the rules could result in a referral to the GCA Administration, and possible withdrawal from the Student Council. *
Which committees would you like to take part in? *
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