Hello there! A one-month pavement to park transformation is headed to the Forest-Audelia community in October 2021, and we want to hear from YOU!
The goal is to trial a month-long pop-up park featuring outdoor sports, the arts, greenery and landscaping, shade, educational programming and opportunities for community gathering in what is now a parking lot. This trial will help create a safe, welcoming neighborhood space for all ages and backgrounds. Additionally, we hope to test some ideas and get feedback that will be incorporated into the long-term vision of the space as a public park.
Together with you, The Better Block Foundation is working to bring your ideas to life and make Forest-Audelia a more vibrant place to live, work, and gather as a community. Please fill out the survey below and share with anyone else you think may be interested. Your opinion matters and will directly shape the direction of the project! Survey closes July 22, 2021. Please reach out with any questions to Kristin Leiber at
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Location of the project site at Forest-Audelia
What is the location of your residence in relation to the proposed project site pictured above?
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How often do you come to this segment of Forest & Audelia?
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What most frequently brings you to this area? (Check all that apply.)
If you answered "Just Passing Through", where are you headed?
Do you feel safe coming to this area?
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Why or why not?
What would help you want to come to Forest & Audelia more?
What are the top 3 destinations most needed near the intersection of Forest & Audelia? (For example, green space, recreation facilities, kids' play areas, restaurant, grocery store, etc. All ideas are welcome as we brainstorm!)
What is your favorite thing or location at this intersection? *
What is your least favorite thing or location at this intersection?
When creating an outdoor public space for the community at Forest & Audelia, what are some features you would like to see? For example, landscaping, picnic tables, hammocks, sports courts, playground, art, etc.
Describe the Forest-Audelia neighborhood in 3 words.
If you live in the area, what primary languages do you speak in the home? What is your cultural background or that of your neighbors? We would like to incorporate programming that is culturally relevant to all members of the community!
Do you know of anyone in the neighborhood or Dallas in general who we should reach out to about this project? (For example, nonprofits with programming, involved community members, someone with a long history in the neighborhood, a small business who would like to help, etc?) If so, what is their contact info?
Would you like to learn more about helping the Better Block Forest-Audelia pop-up park in any of the following ways? We are seeking community members who would like to make an impact on the Forest-Audelia neighborhood.
If you responded that you would like to volunteer, perform, or help with programming, what skill sets or services can you contribute to the event?
How did you hear about this survey?
Thank you for providing your feedback and input on this project. We are looking forward to hearing from the community and welcome this constructive dialogue. If there is anything else you'd like us to know, please write that below. If you have any additional questions you may contact Kristin Leiber at 214-906-5735 or
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