Girls Rock! Melbourne - January 2020 - Participant Registration
Thanks for applying to Girls Rock! Melbourne's January 2020 day camp! Camp Week runs from January 13th - 17th, from 9:30am - 4:30pm each day, with the matinee showcase on Saturday, January 18th, at the Corner Hotel. The location of camp is Wick Studios, Brunswick, VIC.

Please fill out the first part of the questionnaire, before handing it over to your parent/guardian to fill out the second half.

The cost of camp is $500 full fee, $250 half fee, and $0 scholarship, with payment plans available.

***Confirmations of places will be sent out each Friday. If you have applied on a Friday you may receive your confirmation the following Friday.***

Please keep in mind we are an organisation run by volunteers with other jobs, so we will endeavour to answer your emails as soon as we can, but there might be a slight delay.
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What words do you use to describe your gender? (girl, trans, gender fluid, trans, etc.) Girls Rock! Melbourne is open to female-identifying, trans, or non-binary youth.
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Are you Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander? *
What (if any) ethnic groups do you self-identify with? (e.g. Chinese-Australian, British-Australian, Latin American, etc.) Note: GR!M welcomes people from all backgrounds. We ask you to disclose this information because we rely heavily on grants and it is required for grant reporting. *
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We want to get to know you! Please tell us a few identities that are important to you (e.g. activist, bookworm, vegan, LGBTQI+, athlete, music lover, extrovert, theater performer, any other ways you would describe yourself!) *
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Are you applying to camp with a sibling or family member? If so please let us know their name.
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Do you have any experience playing musical instruments or singing? If so, what instrument, for how long? Tell us about your experience. (It's okay if the answer is no! Lots of participants will be playing instruments for the first time.) *
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Please rank your instrument choice from 1 to 6, 1 being the instrument that is your FIRST CHOICE. *
Please note, we do our best to allocate you at least your first or second preference, but no guarantees are possible.
GR!M supplies all necessary instruments and equipment, but you're welcome to bring your own instrument if you'd like. If you prefer to bring your own, please tell us what type it is, the brand, and the colour.
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Are you interested in playing in an ongoing band after camp finishes? *
Express Yourself!
To help us get to know you, please submit a creative piece with your application. You could draw something, compose a song, design a poster, write us a story or poem, or record a video! Have another idea or just want to tell us a little more about yourself? That's cool too! Feel free to email your submission to

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