Employment Contract HoboTraveler Inc.
Employment Contract HoboTraveler Inc.

Welcome, .
EverdayHobo.com is a social network that will soon have millions of members. We want you to share with us the profits of viral growth. HoboTraveler Inc, the parent company is a 22 year old USA corporation, founded January 2022.

Agreement between you, (freelancer name) and HoboTraveler Inc.

1. You agree to attend 9am, EST USA time, (New York Time) zoom meeting every Tuesday.

2. You agree to join the network you are working on EverydayHobo.com.

3. You agree to test your work, use your work, guarantee that the work you perform is superior quality.

4. You agree as terms of employment, freelancer to join EverydayHobo.com social network, and post a minimum of 2-3 parent posts per week to learn about the site.

Do you agree to these terms of employment?

You will not be paid if you fail.

“If you will not test your work, you do not care. The more a person cares, the more they earn.”

Andy Lee Graham CEO HoboTraveler Inc.
Andrew Suares - CTO Chief Technology Officer


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