New Client Questionnaire
Please complete this form below so that I can gain a better understanding of what you need, what your business needs, and if we are a good fit to potentially work together. Throughout each section, you will also learn a little more about me and the types of clients I am looking to partner with.

Be prepared... it's a little in-depth, but that's because I only work with those that are serious and committed to their business success. Please put aside a good 20-25 minutes to focus on your answers and answer as honestly and as best you can. I value your time and this will help us cut through and get really focused before we hop on the phone, ok?

So if you have no sense of adventure, no desire to build working relationships and no ambition to bring in valued members to your team, then there is no need to continue on and complete this form. You are free to hire any robot you like.....

But if this has intrigued you and you are looking for a way to ease the chaos and bring more structure to your Facebook Marketing, please continue on :)

See you on the other side!
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