NCARH-LODEON Program Submission!
Thank you so much for your interest in presenting a program at NCARH 2019 at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte! We are very excited to see the all the amazing programs you have to offer! At NCARH 2019, we will have five program tracks:

Leadership: "Becoming the Avatar": Master all the elements necessary to become a leader. Use what you have learned to become the avatar! Submit programs that showcase and/or teach your residents leadership skills.

Social: "The Salty Spitoon": During this track at the Studio, programs showcased will be those that help your Rugrats have fun and become “tough as nails!“ For this program track, submit programs that help build community by providing social outlets at your university!

Community Building: "Fairy World": During this program track, Rugrats come and take notes on what it takes to build a fun, beautiful, and inclusive world on your campus. Submit programs that will connect residents to residents, residents to staff, buildings to buildings, etc.

Diversity and Inclusion "The Secret Formula": Come showcase and experience how to construct the recipe for a great community. Different Individuals Valuing Each other Regardless of Skin, Intellect, Talents or Years (DIVERSITY).

Miscellaneous: "Retroville"- Every program is unique and different in its own way. Submit programs to this track that don't necessarily fit into the other tracks.

Programs will be due January 6th, 2019 at 11:59 pm

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