Mechanicals' Macbeth - Initial R&D Questions!
Note: We are deliberately not giving you great detail about the project as we are interested in your initial responses.
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General Questions about the concept.
What does the title “Mechanicals’ Macbeth” make you think of?
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How familiar are you with the term Mechanicals?
Not at all familiar
Very familiar
How much impact would knowing who they were have on you seeing the show?
Not much - other things are more important
A lot - I like to know exactly what I'm seeing
Does an explicitly comic interpretation of a tragedy appeal to you? Yes/No - why?
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How familiar are you with the source plays?
Would your familiarity with the Shakespeare impact on your decision to see Mechanicals' Macbeth?
Specific Questions about the concept that are targeted for our R&D.
Macbeth - in two words.
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Any further thoughts on Macbeth?
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Midsummer Night's Dream - in two words.
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Any further thoughts on Midsummer?
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Mechanicals' Macbeth - A Witches Extract @ Pop Up Shakespeare.
Throwing Macbeth and Midsummer together - in two words.
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What strikes you as similar within the plays?
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Any further thoughts on the intersection of the two plays?
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I'm interested in new interpretations of classic texts because
Any particular scenes you would definitely like to see?
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What is your favourite thing about theatre?
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What types of comedy do you prefer?
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What are your feelings about interactive theatre?
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What are your favourite theatre traditions/rituals/superstitions?
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If you work in theatre, what are your own rituals/superstitions?
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Do period costumes/setting/plays put you off seeing a show?
Where would you see a show like Mechanicals' Macebth? Why?
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Thanks for your thoughts!
I would be happy to answer further questions...
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