Subject: Math – GRADE 4
Time allowance: 30 minutes
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What is the difference of P and Q? *
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There are 150 pages in a storybook. How many times does the digit “5” appear in the page numbers? *
3 identical jugs and 7 identical cups cost $57. 4 identical jugs and 5 identical cups cost $50. What is the cost of a cup? *
Philip is 26 years old. He is 14 years older than John. How many years ago was Philip’s age three times John’s age? *
How many triangles in the figure below? *
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A rope was cut into half. Half of the rope was cut into half again. After four such cuts, the length of one such rope was 1 m. What was the original length of the rope? *
In 2011, the Sweet Candy company made 387,789 pieces of chocolate candy. In 2012 they made 34,000 more pieces than in 2011. How many pieces of chocolate candy did Sweet Candy make for the two years combined, rounded to the nearest 10,000? *
The coach of a track team records the time taken by four runners during a practice run. The following table shows the time they took to cover different distances. Michael 200 m in 24 seconds Sam 100 m in 11 seconds Dave 200 m in 23 seconds Bruce 100 m in 11.45 seconds Who is the fastest runner? *
Which expression can Sam use to multiply 75 times 8? *
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