Milkcreek - Health and Mentality Survey
I would very much appreciate if you took the time to fill in the information I need from your Milkcreek-puppy. This way I can improve my breeding programme and look after the breeds we love.
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Kindly describe how your dog functions when it comes to strange people (children, men, women), other dogs and situations. Is he/she active? Does she/he bark a lot? Did she/he need a lot of socialization as a puppy? Does his/hers mentality corresponds well to your expectations of the breed? Does she/he quard his/her meals? Can you let your dog be off-leach even when in new places? Does he like to work with you? Etc.
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Health Survey. Has my Milkcreek puppy been treated for/diagnosed with any of the following ailments? *
Kindly describe how old your dog was at the time of her/his death. Kindly indicate the reason for the death.
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Hvat did you feed your dog (first year, later on) *
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Anything else that could be helpful for me to know?
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Only for brood bitches. Kindly describe her fertility, mating willingness, ability to deliver and her role as a Mother
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Did the puppy answer my expectations of the breed? *
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If you have shown your Milkcreek puppy in a conformation show, check the box for highest achievement.
For non-FCI countires, use the "andre"-box to decribe.
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