2019 2nd Semester Schedule Change Form
Hello. Asking students and parents to check for these problems is an essential part of our scheduling process.

Due to a PowerSchool calendar county-wide glitch, nearly every course section has inaccurate seat numbers and data that will not be corrected until January 22nd. With this problem, a seemingly simple schedule change will take around 30 minutes per individual request. This problem requires a prioritizing solution that is not typically felt by students.

We will collect student requests from January 10-January 25. We will not take action on many of these requests until
January 22nd. Our form process has been proven to work and helps to keep equity, accountability, and record all together. Supplemental emails and phone calls will not supersede the priority levels and order in which requests are received.

Reasons to request a schedule change:

Priority Level A (We will investigate and work on regularly, and look to correct as soon as possible)
1. Out of sequence (missing prerequisite/failed previous course)
2. Not compliant with IEP
3. Missing essential credit for graduation or promotion
4. Blank period
5. Previously earned credit in same class

Priority Level B (We try to avoid this but sometimes it is unavoidable)
1. Previously failed course with same teacher

Priority Level C (Will begin to look at these requests on the 22nd in the order received)
1. Change of heart
2. Level change request

Priority Level None (denied)
1. Would like a specific teacher
2. Would like a specific period

Please acknowledge that you understand the limitation we have to be able to respond to your request.
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