Welcome to the Solster IDO Launchpad - Apply for IDO
Solster considers quality, innovative projects that have a hint of fresh approach. We don’t consider projects lying at the idea stage and have nothing more than a website.

Solster is looking to consider projects that have
- Demonstrated their utility,
- Finalized the concept with a whitepaper,
- Dedicated team for the development,
- and their closeness to implementing their ideas with Solster

Our mission is clear:
- To support and make launch an easy process for high-end projects.
- To make everything in a fair and decentralized way for the general public across the globe.

The past experiences of scams have kept us on our toes. We want to ensure Solster only lets the projects get in that have gone through intense screening processes at the application stage.

Once a project and team are approved, they will be eligible to receive up to $100,000 from Solster alone, to kickstart their launch process. But there is more to Solster than just finances, our full suite of services goes above and beyond other launchpads on the market.

IDO Launch Benefits with Solster

Introduction to Solster Partners
The project team gets introduced to Solster partners, marketing leaders & project coordinators that help you through your journey to Launch IDO.

KYC Support
Solster has partnered with Synaps to use their decentralized identity protocol for KYC verification and will assist projects to get their KYC process completed before launch.

Exposer to Solster Community Investors
IDO projects launched through Solster will get great exposer to Solster’s investor community for a terrific fundraising opportunity.

Solster’s IDO Launchpad will incorporate cutting-edge security measures that are capable enough to detect & eliminate junk wallets, fraudsters, and automated bots.

Complete Broadcasted
Solster is a complete decentralized IDO launchpad, meaning no single entity governs the platform. Built on the open-source Solana, Solster will be open to joining & access by everyone.

Fair & Unbiased Distribution
Solster Finance is an ecosystem that promotes fair and unbiased distribution of funds/liquidity raised by Solana-based projects and ensures all the funds are safe aren’t being misused.

Vesting Contracts
Through Bonfida vesting mechanism, Solster will make it mandatory for investors to lock their tokens through vesting contracts to keep the token prices stable & curb token dump in the market.

Token Listing on Exchange
Another benefit Solster will offer to IDO projects is to list their crypto asset/token on our fully decentralized exchange (DEX) platform for investors to trade on cryptos effortlessly.

Thank you!
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