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Chamber ensembles are gonna work a bit different this year. In the past, we've had very minimal chamber performances, and signups for each chamber piece was a free for all sort of deal. Not only that, managing and keeping tabs with every chamber group was an exhausting process for us.

So to fix this, we're revamping our system this year. It's gonna work like this: there will be sort of two different chamber "groups" so to speak. They are:

1. The people that are performing at our 2 BIG chamber concerts: Powell Games Week in the fall and Geek Week in the Spring. The chamber pieces for these concerts will be FREE FOR ALL OPEN SIGNUPS. Anyone in the main ensemble as well as those connected to GME but are not in the main orchestra can sign up.

2. We've been getting a lot of requests to perform music outside of our planned concerts. We're getting to the point where we want to be prepared for these gigs. To remedy this, we would like a group of dedicated chamber ensemble members who are able to meet weekly or so outside of the orchestra/choir rehearsal times. This group will mostly be targeted at a.) People like guitarists and pianists, but others as well, who can't be a part of the main ensemble b/c of too many parts, b.) People who cannot attend the Friday rehearsals but still wish to remain involved somehow, and c.) those of you who are hardcore GME members that just want to do more stuff.

Chamber groups performing a set of songs in some potential outside gigs will still have the chance to perform those very same songs at Powell Games Week and Geek Week, so these two groups aren't necessarily discrete.

This form is for the purposes of gauging everyone's chamber interest, and which category of chamber "groups" they would be interested in joining. If you're at all interested in chamber, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE FILL THIS STUFF OUT!!!!!!
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If you want to be in the main ensemble as well, how likely are you willing to stay an extra 30 minutes after Friday rehearsals for chamber practices?
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