IndianWhistlers-Registration Form-FY2018-19
Dear Applicant,

Thanks for expressing interest in Indian Whistlers’ Association (IWA).

The Indian Whistlers’ Association (IWA), founded on Sept. 19th, 2004 by Mr. Rigveda Deshpandey (The Maverick Whistler), is the World's first truly Indian and the largest whistling fraternity. It is India's 1st and only school, dedicated to promoting Musical Whistling as a performing art and has done more than 300 shows all over India since 2004. We have many awards and accolades to our credit as well, which include a Limca Record of 48 whistlers, whistling simultaneously, a National Record of 150 whistlers in 2018, a colorful victory at the World Whistlers Convention 2016 & 2018, Japan and at the International Whistling Convention 2010, China. In addition, one of our whistlers has even made an 18hr marathon solo whistling record in 2014.


**Question 1) Who can be a member? What is the process?**

Answer) Any whistler (age no bar, although minors must be accompanied by a parent), who can whistle a tune (without using any external man-made device) can be a member of IWA.

The joining process for new members is simple.


STEP 1. AUDITION- Send your audition to any ONE of the Zonal Numbers (Chennai, Mumbai or Kochi) by whatsapp.

Whatsapp your selfie whistling video of any song upto 2mins any ONE of the Zonal Numbers (Chennai, Mumbai or Kochi).
Please say your name, city and the song name in the video to enable us to save your no.

STEP 2. ACCEPTANCE- Based upon audition acceptance and discussion with the Zonal Head, choose your membership/subscription plan.
(We recommend Whatsapp subscription to those staying out of Chennai, Mumbai or Kochi and unable to travel regularly.

STEP 3. PAYMENT- Make payment to IWA Account by NEFT/IMPS/Cheque Deposit. Payment must be made within 14 days from successful audition or else registration won’t be complete.

Please contact your Zonal Head for Bank Details

Mrs. Lakshmy Iyer (Treasurer-Spokesperson): +91 81694 46845

Mr. R Kapil Bansal: +91 99443 33520 (after 9pm)

Mrs. Jyothi R Kamath: +91 82819 66297

Mr. Mohan Kumar: +91 96638 13929

Keep your latest photo jpg file and the payment details handy - Payment date, mode of payment, amount, transaction id.

STEP 4. REGISTRATION- Fill all the registration form and upload your photo along with it.

STEP 5. ADD TO WHATSAPP GROUP- You shall be added to our Whatsapp group, you shall get an invoice and your registration will be complete.

Please note: Membership is valid till 31st March only. Once paid, fees won't be refunded.

**Question 2) Can I make a career in whistling?**

Answer) Yes, why not.
But, you need to be musically trained, flawless and have the right contacts in the Media Industry. Thus this could take some time before you establish yourself as a Professional Artist. However IWA cannot guarantee this as it is to a great extent based on individual talent as well. Plus India is yet to open up to whistling as a career and very few people with the right contacts have made it.

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