HC and QC Alumni Associations in the USA, Canada and Barbados, HCQCAA, USA and HCQCAA, Canada, OHS (Old Harrisonian Society, Barbados) and QCA (Queen's College , Barbados) and GBQC Charity (Give Back QC Charity) have come together to create a joint grand reunion of the alumni of the two schools, also intended to serve as a fundraiser for both schools. We are interested in having as many alumni and their families and friends as possible gather at the same time. The centrepiece of the event will be a Night of the Stars, a black tie event, coined by HCQCAA, USA in the mid-1990’s to recognize achievement of alumni who have excelled in their fields in Barbados and elsewhere.
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1. In which country and city do you live? (If you live in Barbados full time, proceed to questions 2, 3, 4, 5, 10,11,12,13,14) *
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2) Choose one. *
3) Would you participate in a HC/QC Grand Reunion in Barbados in the context of "We Gatherin" Barbados, 2020? *
4) TIMING OF REUNION/'GATHERIN': We are considering the following 4 possible timings for the HCQC Alumni reunion. Kindly indicate your preference. Option 1: July around crop over with the Night of the Stars falling on Saturday/Sunday following Kadooment. Rationale: This would avoid competition with the crop over calendar; Option 2: October, 2nd Week. Rationale: a) The timing would coincide with the observance of Columbus Day in the US, allowing for a 3 day weekend, and also with the culmination of QCA week; b) this is the low season for tourism and hence airfares and accommodation would be lower as would the cost of venues for the Night of the Stars. (Possible dates for the Night of the Stars, Saturday, 10 or Sunday, 11 October); Option 3: November: Around Independence. Rationale: Many people visit around independence . (Possible date for the Night of the Stars, Saturday, 29 December; Option 4: December): Around Xmas. Rationale: Many people visit around Xmas. (Possible date for Night of the Stars, Saturday, 28 or Sunday 29 December). *
5.What price range would you consider reasonable for the Night of the Stars black tie event? Note price ranges below are stated in Barbados Dollars. Choose one
6. The Alumni Association, USA is liaising with Barbados Tourism Management, Inc and Jet blue to develop a package for a group tour inclusive of accommodation, if required. Are you interested in a package deal?
7) If yes, do you need accommodation?
8) What is your preferred accommodation requirement?
9) What is your preferred duration of visit?
10) Will you and/or your group/family/friends attend the Night of the Stars? *
11) If yes, how many people are likely to attend the Night of the Stars? *
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12) What 2 other activities would you like to suggest be added to an event calendar of the reunion?
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13) You have entered your email above, kindly enter name if you would like to receive updates and more information about the reunion.
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14)Thank you for taking time to complete this Questionnaire. Please feel free to add any question/comment you may wish and for more information, contact us at 2020HCQCGatherin@gmail.com
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