NextDayBetter Toronto Hackathon

Hackathon: Disaster Relief in the Philippines

Given the trail of destruction that Typhoon Haiyan left behind when it struck the Philippines on November 8, 2013, we're organizing a hackathon in Toronto to design and develop web and mobile apps to aid in disaster response and relief efforts.

We’re calling all hackers, designers and strategists to join us in Toronto to envision and build digital tools to make sense of all the information coming out of the Philippines. We’re dreaming up digital tools and supports to help individuals and communities across the Philippines and all around the world find credible agency and NGO information faster, to develop and co-create comprehensive lists of survivors or missing loved ones, while enabling local citizens on the ground to report structural damage throughout their communities.

Given the limited amount of technology focused on disaster response, there's definitely room for creativity and impact in this hackathon.

Join us in Toronto from November 27-28. (27th: 5pm-midnight | 28th: 5pm-11pm)

Sign up and register for the Hackathon. Registration is FREE but spots are LIMITED. Please note that application will not guarantee spots. We will get back to you soon!

Date + Time:
November 27, 5PM - 12AM: Speakers, Ideation, and Hacking
November 28, 5PM - 11PM: Hacking and Demo Day

73 Bathurst Street (4th Floor)
Toronto, ON
M5V 2P6

Visit or contact us at to find out more information.

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