Cultivating Black Women for Social Change - Community Leadership Programme for Changemakers

Following the hugely successful event we hosted for International Women's Day on 5th March, we are inspired by the overwhelming positive requests for a training programme that reflected the event and much more.

This survey is designed to collate information to assist us in ensuring that the proposed training programme is developed to meet the myriad of needs that members have told us about.  Some of you may be starting out on your journey of finding your soul purpose, some have found and need support, others are flying high and are an inspiration to us all.  

Soul Purpose 360 Black Women's Networking & Empowerment Circle is all about collaboration: sharing gifts and knowledge, uplifting and empowering others, motivating, inspiring and imbuing confidence so that the empowered are able to empower!  

Options listed with an asterisk* were delivered at the Cultivating Black Women for Social Change International Women's Day event on Saturday 5 March.

Please be assured that your responses are confidential and only anonymised summary information will be shared with organisations and individuals who can practically assist us, such as trainers, partners and funders. To learn more about our Data Protection and Privacy Policies, please visit our website 
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Personal Development - Persevere and find strength in yourself to live the life you want.
Research has shown us that many Black women face personal challenges in their quests to find their soul purpose. A lack of confidence, self-belief and doubt are things that personal development can help to overcome - empowering individuals to aspire and reach their goals.  
Personal Development Training options
I need
I can deliver
Finding your soul purpose*
How to have challenging conversations*
Confidence building
Tackling my limiting beliefs
Motivation & Goal Setting
Building Resilience
Understanding how my Values & Beliefs shape me
Gaining clarity on my community project idea
Psychometric Assessment | DISC
One-to-One Coaching
One-to-One Mentoring
Communication Skills
Counselling / Psychotherapy
Use this space to add any other suggestions not mentioned above:  - recommend a trainer, define areas you would like to be mentored or any other useful comments.
Leadership Skills
Leaders are important in any form of community development. They are responsible for shaping a community focus, listening to  people's needs, make important decisions for the benefit of the community, have foresight, encourage fair treatment , and develop partnerships that will benefit the community.  
Leadership Skills
I need
I can deliver
How to become a School Governor*
How to become a Councillor*
How to become a Magistrate*
Understanding leadership skills
Influencing social policy
Public Speaking
Presentation Skills
Negotiation Skills
How to get on Boards and Committees
Community Development
Soul Purpose 360 is rooted in community development which is a process where people come together to take action on what's important to them. At its heart, community development is rooted in the belief that all people should have access to health, wellbeing, wealth, justice and opportunity.  Soul Purpose 360 is a coaching , mentoring and training social enterprise that supports women to become community changemakers.
Community Development
I need
I can deliver
Turning your idea into a project
Vibrant Voices of the VCS*
Benefits of Volunteering
Identifying social
Legal structures
Securing funding for your project
Delivering successful projects
Monitoring & Evaluating your project
Understanding Social Impact
Contracts & Commissioning for social change
How to recruit to your Committee/Board
Understanding Data Protection
Website Design for beginners
Conducting effective community consultation
Effective Resident Engagement
Influencing local social policy
Social Value and Procurement
Understanding Accounts
Financial Management for your project/social enterprise
From social problem to project solution
Developing a Neighbourhood Action Plan
Organising events
Use this space to add any other suggestions not mentioned above, to recommend a trainer or any other useful comments.
Managing your project/social business
Despite the increasing importance of social networks, community development needs to take place both on and offline. Social media and community are two different things. Whilst community development is a process where different types of community members come to discuss and find a solution for a common problem, social media helps to get connected with each other.  There are a growing number of social media channels to choose from, but which is right for your project?
Using social media in your campaigns
I need
I can deliver
Social Media Skills
Marketing & promoting your venture
Podcasting skills
Bloging & Vloging
Creating flyers and engaging Ads
Creating engaging videos
Would you make a financial contribution to access this training? *
Would you prefer online or in-person training? *
Are there any other topic areas that you would like to receive training or information? Whilst Soul Purpose 360 is primarily focused on personal and community development, many members businesses and projects are focused on other areas, so we can easily facilitate introductions and support to meet members needs.  Please elaborate below.
If you have indicated that you would like to deliver training, please add your contact details here so that we can contact you with further information about the training programme.
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