MSA Fast-a-Thon
Event Address:
Westside Ballroom
43 Lake Avenue Ext.
Danbury, CT 06811
Contact us at (203) 417-4950 or
The WCSU Muslim Student Association would like to cordially invite you to join us for our first annual "Fast-a-Thon" event on Saturday November 18th at 4 pm in the Westside Campus Ballroom. Our purpose for this event is to allow the student body and community members to observe a day of fasting followed by community dinner and discussion. We will be hosting a guest speaker, the imam of Danbury Masjid, Shaykh Usman. Dinner will be catered by Zaytuna Restaurant. We will be fasting during the day to simulate the fast that a Muslim person experiences during the holy month of Ramadan. Muslims fast from dawn to dusk, which on November 18th will be from 5:27am to 4:32pm. During this time, they abstain from consuming food and water, and focus on spiritual reflection and committing acts of kindness and wor
ship. We encourage you all to attempt fasting that day within whatever limits you are comfortable with setting for yourself. At 4pm, we will join together for dinner, presentations, and open discussion. ALL are welcome!
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