Life Strategy Quest - Application
Hello, trailblazer!

Congratulations on taking a step towards designing your life in sync with who YOU really are.

You’ve already achieved a lot, and all you need is a little guidance to make that break through to reach your new height, and we are happy to guide you through that journey.

As our approach is highly personalized, we are only able to take 12 clients per year. Please fill out the form below to help us establish mutual fit.

Life Strategy Quest is right for you if:

✔️You have already achieved a lot, but feel there's more to life

✔️You want to design life on your terms and ready to do the work

✔️You are done feeling stuck, overwhelmed and emotionally exhausted and want an experienced coach to guide you through the process and inspire action

✔️You know that investing in yourself is necessary to get to the next level

Once we establish mutual fit, we will send you the link to book your Chemistry Call. On that call we will ask you further clarifying questions, explain how the program works and the comitment we are expecting from you. In the end of the call you will have an opportunity to ask any questions you may have.

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