Call for Presentations ngVikings 2020
ngVikings are a series of community-driven and non-profit events across the Nordic countries. The next ngVikings event is scheduled for May 25-26, 2020 in Oslo, Norway. This event will gather 400+ front-end developers from different Nordic countries together. It will also be the largest Angular conference hosted in the Nordic countries.

This year we split conference in two days with differently focused topics (there is only one entrance ticket type - for both days - available):

** May 25th - a Framework Day **
All about Angular and its ecosystem. Some topics to help you with the ideas (far not the full list):
- Architecture (monorepo, etc)
- Angular core parts (Ivy)
- Angular tooling
- Server-side rendering, static site generation for Angular
- Angular Material
- AngularFire
- Angular Elements
- Third-party libraries
- Ionic
- NativeScript
- All other tools, libraries, projects related to the Angular framework (Scully, NestJS, etc)

** May 26th - a Frontend Day **
All about modern web frontend. About how we build excellent apps using any framework or without it, and about what helps us to achieve more. Some topics to help you (again, far not the full list):
- Web standards
- Typescript
- Micro-frontends
- Reactive / Functional
- State management
- GraphQL
- Web components
- CI/CD, DevOps, Serverless (from frontender's perspective)
- Performance
- Modern CSS
- i18n
- Everything else you want to share with the frontend community without focusing on a particular framework

The conference will give most space to experienced speakers but will leave some room (lightning talks) for more novice speakers as well. If you are experienced in presenting a technical or design topic within Angular, we would like to hear from you - send us a proposal below, tweet at us, or send an email. If you are a first-time speaker and would like to have a coach helping you to submit your talk send us an email at

** If you need the travel reimbursement, please specify it in your form, we can arrange it for you.**

- 45-minute talks
- 10-minute lightning talks
- Workshops

- English

Deadline is February 29, 2020, 23:59 CET

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