Dear customer
There are unusual and difficult times that we all go through these days, but together we stand (at two meters apart) and intend to overcome the threat we are facing as a whole, as a community. As you all know, the closure of fitness centers has now been extended 2-3 weeks into May, at least. However, we hope that with a new advertisement that will be published by the Minister of healt this weekend or Monday the latest, we will be able to offer scheduled outdoor exercises from May 4th. If such an authorization is obtained, it will undoubtedly be subject to considerable restrictions, but it would still be good for everyone to be able to meet our training partners and trainers and have a good workout, although we need to keep distance and obay rules for safety reasons.

We never expected this situation to come up, so we want you to choose the way that you feel most appropriate about your subscription. The reason we go this route and offer you a choice is because very many customers have already contacted and informed us that they want to show social responsibility and pay, even though our facilities are closed.
That kindness is incredibly valuable and we are extremely grateful to you.
The choice is yours.
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