Deadstock District Application
THR3EFOLD's Deadstock District is a private community for fashion professionals and business owners to get connected and learn how to be more ethical and sustainable. This information will be kept private for the THR3EFOLD team.

Membership is not open to factories at this time. If you are a factory and you have deadstock fabric you would like to sell, please email to facilitate this with the team.

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Deadstock District Code of Conduct Commitment
By joining Deadstock District, I understand that THR3EFOLD is not liable for the topics discussed in this forum. I understand that the conversations and opinions of other members through this platform are not representative of the opinions of THR3EFOLD, nor should they be considered true facts, or business advice. I understand that if I choose to share personal information, it is not recommended, and is done so at my own risk.

I agree to be respectful of all members, regardless of their religious or political beliefs, gender, size, business category/product, sexual orientation, nationality, or background. I understand we all have different experiences that have shaped our opinions and are on a different points in our life journey. I commit to practice the golden rule of treating others as I would want to be treated.

I understand this community is not a tool for repetitive self promotion but to foster a collective effort to improve the industry by making more informed, empowered decisions. Therefore, I commit to contribute in conversations where I can and not just blast information about my own business.

I understand my membership can be revoked at anytime. if the THR3EFOLD team decides I have violated any of the above Code of Conduct.

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