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Learning groups are a part of Threaded’s history and will be a critical part of our future because we believe that relationships are developed and cultivated in small groups. With this in mind we work to create diverse small group experiences that will help to inspire relationship, reconciliation and collaborative action between the diverse Body of Christ. Each Learning Group consists of 8-10 people and will work through our ten-week Threaded curriculum. The group's frequency and location will be determined by the facilitator(s). The groups mentioned in this form are all meeting every other week.

This form's purpose is to gather your interest in being a part of a one of our current Learning Groups. As we are trying to create a multicultural environment for discussion we may need to assign you to groups and NOT EVERYONE WHO SIGNS UP IS GUARANTEED TO BE IN A GROUP. We know this can be frustrating but as we grow this will become less of an obstacle. Thank you for your interest in learning from others.

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