Alden/SVP Zen RC Test Questions
By successfully completing these questions your account will be open to Zen RC Rx ordering. Please note that all questions must be answered. Please contact Maggie Walsh at or 800-253-3669 x2267 if you have any questions.
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Zen RC Diagnostic Kit # (found on bottom of set) *
The general shape of the Zen RC diagnostic lenses is described as: *
The Smart Curve allows fitters of the Zen RC to: *
Blanching of scleral blood vessels under the landing zone of the lens is most likely caused by: *
When selecting the initial Zen RC diagnostic lens to evaluate corneal clearance, the fitter should start with: *
Because approximately 100 microns of lens settling is anticipated to occur over time, the optimal amount of central clearance to observe immediately upon lens insertion of the best fit diagnostic lens is: *
When using the Zen RC on an 11.5 cornea, what would be your initial diameter diagnostic lens to try? *
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