Driveway Theater
Open Book Theatre is proud to present DRIVEWAY THEATRE: 30 minutes of entertainment in your driveway. Based on our mission to PROMOTE CONNECTION THROUGH THEATRICAL STORYTELLING we’re taking these shows out of theatre and into your neighborhood! Invite your neighbors, friends, and family to your lawn to experience the joy of live entertainment. Performances are scheduled to begin June 27th.

You can choose from two different shows,both appropriate for all ages:

The Complete Canon of Post-Apocalyptic Fiction and Film (Abridged)
This scripted, two person play is a fast paced comedy playing off a wide range of post-apocalyptic tales. The play follows the tale of two young tributes trying to survive in an oddly familiar post-apocalyptic landscape. Script by Emily Rosenbaum – OBTC audiences will be familiar with her play Calypso’s Corner. We commissioned this socially distant play just for this event, and are so excited to bring it to you! You don’t have to know any of the stories referenced to enjoy the show, but those who do will have extra fun spotting the references! Featuring Jonathan Davidson and Annie Dilworth.

Off Book Away from Open Book
Enjoy thirty minutes of completely improvised entertainment as the performers take suggestions from the audience and tell stories, sing songs, and generate a whole lot of fun! Brought to you by the same team of performers that delight audiences with Off Book at Open Book, headed by Sean Paraventi, adapted for 2 socially distant performers and your driveway!

$100 fee, plus bucket OBTC staff will ask for additional donations.
(Downriver prices include driveways in Allen Park, Brownstown, Ecorse, Flat Rock, Gibraltar, Grosse Ile Township, Huron Charter Township, New Boston, Waltz, Lincoln Park, Melvindale, River Rouge, Riverview, Rockwood, Romulus, Southgate, Taylor, Trenton, Woodhaven, Wyandotte)

$500 fee for a “no bucket” performance. Pay this fee and we won’t put out a bucket or ask for additional donations.

PEFORMANCES OUTSIDE THE DOWNRIVER AREA require additional fees (generally $25-100, depending on how far you are from Open Book.) If you’re in Michigan, but outside of Downriver, and interested in having us come to you… fill out this form and we’ll get back to you with a price!
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Any notes about your preferred times/date OR request for a date not listed (including weekdays)? *we will be working to schedule performances in clusters, and so your flexibility with date and time will help us efficiently plan. An Open Book representative will get back to you to confirm the date and time. If you have time limits (i.e. “after 2pm” or “must be done by 5pm” let us know and we can work around those.
What is the address of the performance site? *
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The performance site is a clear, flat area free of obstruction of at least 16 feet deep and 20 feet wide with the audience sitting a minimum of 10 feet from the edge of the performance space. The performance space doesn't have to be a driveway. It could be a patio, parking lot, or even a flat patch of yard, but it must be outdoors. *
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