Squad Amendment Form 
Use this form to register a change to the squads submitted at the start of the season.  This could be the removal of a player, addition of a new player or the move of a player to a higher team.
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Details of Amendment, eg: add to C team squad, move from C team to B team squad, etc.. *
If you are adding a player did this player purchase their EN membership via your Club and T&W County - in other words are they 'first' to your Club?  
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If this player is 'second' to your Club how will the 'second' fee be paid?  (Note that all fees should be paid direct to the County within 2 weeks of adding the player).  'Second' players can only be added mid-season if they are new to the league if they have already taken the court for another team in the league they can't be added.
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Use the area below to add any other relevant information or notify us of anything specific relating to this player amendment thank you. 
Thank you for submitting this form.  Note that you do not need the specific permission of the competition group to make squad amendments and that acknowledgement of this form's receipt, is not a confirmation that the amendment has been approved in any way.  It is the Club's responsibility to ensure that all information submitted is correct and meets the player eligibility rules.  If any of the league rules are infringed then the relevant team will be penalised accordingly.  Please tick the box below to acknowledge that you understand this.   *
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