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1. What kind of project do I have to bring in?
The only requirement for Camp is that your project must be community-driven (it has to offer value to others, not just yourself; so it can't be a personal portfolio) use technology in its process (meaning that the output doesn't have to be digital, it can be a zine, written piece, or something abstract!) You can come up with a proposal for a project (or general topic space you want to work on) or bring in an existing project.

2. What's the time commitment of Developh Camp?
Camp is designed for 12 weeks. We have required small group meetings (2 hours every 2 weeks, or 1 hour once a week depending on your chosen schedule) with peers. You'll be assigned a 1:1 mentor to help you develop your project, who you must speak to for at least 2 hours total each month. So, expect just 6 hours of mandatory meetings each month.

The rest of the programming is recommended and open to the public. We have a suggested list of checkpoints (e.g. attend x sessions), but these aren't required. You're expected to be working on your project throughout the period, but we're not strict with logging or anything. We trust in your pace and know that Fellowship participants are likely working on other things.

3. Is there a cost? :money_with_wings:
Nope! The program is entirely free, and Developh will be funding your projects within reason. We're happy to cover domains, hosting fees, printing, etc. needed to actualize the project.

4. Are people new to technology or design welcome to join?
Yes! We encourage people new to the field interested in thinking critically about either facet to join, and we're here to offer as much technical guidance and support. The program is designed for non-designers and non-technologists to learn more about design and technology; and for deeper creative technologists to explore the field locally and deeply.

MORE INFORMATION: https://developh.org
QUESTIONS? hello@developh.org
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Developh Camp
With the Processing Foundation and QBO Philippines, Developh is excited to present 'Developh Camp'. The Developh Camp Fellowship gathers the Philippines' most ambitious creators invested in using technology to solve local problems. We're a collective of mission-driven technologists educating, researching, designing, and building experiences for social good in Southeast Asia together, and cultivate a lifelong community in the process.

Together, we'll be in the talk and practice of critical making, learn about design, technology, & its histories, and create as fellows develop a community-oriented technology-driven project (be it a workshop, article series, zine, website, app prototype, etc.)

Learn more about the program at https://developh.org
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