2020 Arc Post Accelerator EOI
Program Outline:

This 12-week program is designed to guide more advanced hardware startups through the critical stages following the completion of an Accelerator program. After startups have developed their prototypes, refined their business strategy and have started to gain interest from potential clients and industry partners, they will need to focus on manufacturing their product and expanding within compatible international markets.

During this program, startups will work on refining their product design for mass manufacturing, establish supplier networks and map out a clear strategy to engage with new markets. Arc will guide startups through these stages by relying on its strategic international partners located in Europe, America and Asia.

Investment opportunity:

Startups accepted into the Post Accelerator Program focusing on medtech, clean energy technologies (energy efficiency technologies, low emission technologies and renewable energy technologies) and agtech may be offered up to $100,000 in seed capital from Artesian Venture Capital firm, in return for a safe note or equity*.

Startups developing hardware technologies in other sectors may also have opportunities for investment in return for a safe note or equity.

Arc will run the Post Accelerator Program providing access to co-working space, advanced prototyping resources and technical support in design, mechatronics and business development (valued at $25,000) in return for 2.5% equity or a sefe note* and overheads (that will vary based on whether you are a funded or non-funded team)

Program Outcomes:

By completing this program, participants will be best prepared run a series A+ capital raise.

The participating teams will receive support in:

- transitioning from bespoke MVP development to high volume manufacturing.
- identifying new broader market opportunities to tap into
- developing the initial product sale strategies and channels
- preparing initial branding and marketing materials necessary for first sales
- compiling the main documentation and networks needed for an official capital raise

This program is designed to address the gaps present within existing industry-specific accelerator programs that are not able to adequately assist startups throughout their product development stages.

We are looking for:

Arc is looking for scalable innovative startups developing solutions with a hardware component. The program is ideal for startups post industry trial and which have either pre-orders or MOUs from their target market.

Usually, startups at this stage are raising early stage seed to early-stage series A investment. They are also transitioning from low volume to large scale manufacturing as well as focusing on accessing international

The Post Accelerator has been specifically designed to efficiently guide startups through those stages as well as other critical ones.

For this cohort, we are prioritising scalable innovative startups developing solutions (with a hardware component) in:

1) medical technology
2) clean energy technology
3) agricultural technology
4) water innovation technology

There is also scope for startups that specialise in different areas but that still contributes to clean energy. This includes fields like transport, energy generation, waste management, etc.

While we are prioritising the aforementioned categories, applications are open to all hardware startups that have an MVP and are completing/have completed industry trials or a crowdfunding campaign.

Why are we different from other Accelerator Programs?

1) We have 6 dedicated staff members that actively help startups progress in the areas of mechatronics, design and commercialisation as well as the usual mentor workshops
2) You have access to state of the art prototyping equipment at one location
3) We have a partnership with Artesian Venture Capital and other investors specifically for Hardware startups
4) We offer access to our wide range of national and international manufacturing networks

Key dates (Please note these are indicative dates only and they may vary slightly):

13 July Application close
20 July First shortlist
23 July OnBoarding Interview
30 July OnBoarding check-in
3 August Pitch Day
4 August Offers made
6 August Final OnBoarding
11 August Post Accelerator starts
6 November Post Accelerator ends

* Terms and conditions apply

For further information contact our Program Manager, Gloria - 0424 921 900 or contact@arc.space

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