American Indian Artists booth reservation Open to all American Indian Recognized Tribes Sandy Lake Amusement Park 1800 Sandy Lake Rd Carrollton, TX 75006 $ 1,000 Prize Money for best booths Saturday March 17 & Sunday March 18, 2018 10 am. - 5:30 pm.
This form will be sent to the Indigenous Institute of the Americas/Santa Fe Days in the Park for verification.
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Please send a picture, PDF, or other documentation of Tribal enrollment which meets Federal regulations for the Indian Arts and Crafts Act.
If you are a returning artist, do you know your booth number last year ?
Would you like to keep that location?
We would like to promote our artists on our website, if you have any .jpeg, .png, .tiff. etc. picture files –we will be happy to put them online. Send the files to attach to this application. Please include a paragraph of your accomplishments or a description of your art or crafts if you would like to be promoted on our website (free). You can attach information regarding your social media or website and let us know if we have permission to extract information on your work.Do you have a Facebook page or a website you would like us to link on our Facebook page/Website?
Our Video
We are very proud of our award winning video from a 2016 competition. We hope it touches your heart... everyone, including our sweet little girl (Santa Fe Days Sunflower Seed ambassador) are members of the Santa Fe Days in the Park committee. Grandpa is our president, Gregory Gomez (Mescalero Apache)
The park charges a $2.00 admission fee per person, which you will be responsible for paying (cash only-FYI our event does not receive any of these funds). Parking is Free! We will provide $4 dollars cash reimbursement to each booth for each day after set up at 10 a.m. for the park entry fee. I will be paying online with the Square
Please use this link to get to our online store or use our website at or
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Let us know if you have any questions, we will return an email as soon as possible.
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