pixi-graph survey

Thanks for watching my NODES2020 talk about pixi-graph! Slides and recording are going to be available for registered attendees.

Source code: https://github.com/zakjan/pixi-graph
Demo: https://zakjan.github.io/pixi-graph/

⚠️ **This is a pre-release, use at your own risk!** Upcoming features can introduce breaking changes in the API.

Developing a full-featured graph visualization library is a significant effort. I'd appreciate your feedback to prioritize new features.

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Which graph visualization features are important to you?
1 - Minor, 2- Major, 3 - Critical
Stretch instead of zoom
Hide overlapping labels
Update visualization on graph change
Continuous layout support
Improved text rendering with (M)SDF fonts
Compound nodes
Custom shapes or text on the canvas
Style: additional shapes
Style: additional labels
Style: additional text styles
Style: additional borders
Style: configurable levels of detail by zoom level
Style: badges
Style: images
Style: gradients
Style: curved lines
Style: line arrows
Style: line patterns
Style: line crossings
State: selected
State: pinned
State: custom states (highlighted, suppressed, located, grouped, ...)
Selection: click
Selection: box
Selection: lasso
Animation: style transition
Animation: layout position
Animation: badge position
Animation: pulse
Transformation: filter
Transformation: group
Transformation: collapse
Transformation: generate
Control: navigation
Control: minimap
Control: legend
Control: tooltip
Control: graph editing
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Do you have other feature ideas?
UI features, UX; API features, DX
What do you like or dislike on other graph visualization libraries, both open-source and commercial?
UI features, UX; API features, DX
Would you consider using pixi-graph in your project?
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Would you consider sponsoring development of pixi-graph, so that it can remain open-source?
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Do you have further details to share?
What is your e-mail address?
I'd use only it to send a private reply to you, or for further updates. No spam, I promise!
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