Magnet MATH Placement Test
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5.NBT.A.3.b (DOK 1)
Which of the following algebraic expressions represents: A number, x, decreased by the sum of 2x and 5? *
6.EE.2a and 2b (DOK2)
What error did Elmer make on this multiplication problem? *
5.NBT.B.5 (DOK 3)
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What is the correct answer to this problem Elmer worked on below? *
5.NBT.B.5 (DOK 1)
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⅔ + ⅘ = *
5.NF.A.1 (DOK 1)
2×(5+3)×2+4 *
5.OA.A.1 (DOK 1)
Jessa has 23 one-dollar bills that she wants to divide equally between her 5 children. How much money will each receive? How much money will Jessa have left over? *
5.NF.B.3 (DOK 2)
Triangle PQR and triangle QRS have vertices P(–9,7), Q(4,7), R(4,–3), and S(10,–3). What is the area, in square units, of quadrilateral PQSR which is formed by the two triangles? *
6 G.1 and 6 G.3 (DOK 2)
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Each costume needs 46 centimeters of red ribbon and 3 times as much yellow ribbon. What is the total length of ribbon needed for 64 costumes? Express your answer in meters. *
5.MD.A.1 (DOK 2)
Find the value of 4.05 / 1.5 *
5.NBT.B.7 (DOK 1)
A rectangle has a perimeter of 35 1/2 feet. If the length is 12 feet, what is the area of the rectangle? *
5.NF.4b (DOK 2)
Pedro is building a spice rack with 4 shelves that are each 0.55 meter long. At the hardware store, Pedro finds that he can only buy the shelving in whole meter lengths. Exactly how many meters of shelving does Pedro need? Since he can only buy whole-number lengths, how many meters of shelving should he buy? *
5.NBT. 2 and 5.NBT.7 (DOK 2)
George weeded 1/5 of the garden, and Summer weeded some, too. When they were finished, 2/3 of the garden still needed to be weeded. What fraction of the garden did Summer weed? *
5.NF.1 5.NF.2 (DOK 2)
A grocery store sign indicates that bananas are 6 for $1.50, and a sign by the oranges indicates that they are 5 for $3.00. Find the total cost of buying 2 bananas and 2 oranges. *
6.RP 2 and 6.RP.A.B (DOK 2)
Jeremy has two 7-foot-long boards. He needs to cut pieces that are 15 inches long from the boards. What is the greatest number of 15-inch pieces he can cut from the two boards? *
6 RP.3d (DOK 2)
A bread recipe calls for 5 cups of flour and 2 teaspoons of yeast. Select all ratios that show the relationship of cups of flour to teaspoons of yeast for two batches of bread? *
6 R.P. A (DOK 2)
Three fourths of two thirds of a meter is: *
7.RP.1 (DOK 1)
Half a pound of flour is poured into a jar. If the flour occupies two fifths of the jar, what quantity of flour could be stored in the jar? *
7.RP.1 (DOK 1)
Line v in the coordinate graph below represents the distance in time traveled by a vehicle. What is the distance traveled after 75 minutes? *
7.RP.2a (DOK 2)
Captionless Image
The expression 6^3 × 4^2 is equivalent to which of the following numerical expressions? *
6 EE 1 (DOK2)
The temperature was -3℃ on Friday and dropped overnight by 9℃. What was the temperature on Saturday morning? *
7.NS.1 (DOK 1)
The expression 6^3 × 4^2 is equivalent to which of the following numerical expressions? *
6 EE 1 (DOK2)
Simplify: *
7.NS.3 (DOK2)
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