Computer Graphics Pre-Course Survey
Tell me a little bit about who you are, and what you want to get out of this course!
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Take a moment to review the course website. From the course policies, check which of the following are true? *
Do you have a laptop you can bring to class(or otherwise work from home on)? (If so, select operating system) *
What programming languages do you know? *
Do assignments and labs that do not compile receive credit? *
How many tokens do you get during the semester to extend your assignment? *
Will we be using modern opengl and modern C++ in this course? *
How do "I" (i.e. you) deliver assignments and labs in this class? *
How comfortable are you with Object Oriented Programming? *
I know nothing
Inheritance, Polymorphism, and Encapsulation are fun!
How comfortable are you with Linear Algebra? *
I forgot most of it
I use it everday
How comfortable are you with C++? *
Never used
I have browsed the C++ standard
Which topic interests you the most in terms of "graphics"
Clear selection
Have you used any of the following Programming APIs?
Have you used any of the following 2D/3D software packages before? *
What is your primary motivation for taking this course? (i.e. What would you feel sad about if you did not learn it? What are you most excited about learning? I do shift contents based off of your feedback) *
What else should I know about you? Please let me know if you need any additional accommodations (This survey will not be shared!)
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