2018 Yellow Shirt Application Form

June 25 - July 20, 2018
Application must be submitted by 1pm on FEBRUARY 28, 2018. Applications submitted after the deadline WILL NOT be accepted.
Yellow Shirt positions are open to those entering 10th,11th, or 12th grade in the Fall of 2018. Yellow Shirts-in-Training (YIT) positions are open to those entering 9th grade in the Fall of 2018. Days and hours of work are Monday-Friday, 8am-3pm. (Note: there are no classes on Wednesday, July 4th.) *
Please be honest about your availability during the dates of the program (June 25-July 20).
Those who were Yellow Shirts or YITs last year (Summer 2017) are NOT guaranteed a position for Summer 2018 *
Wages are determined by service time and job assignments.
Working papers are required for all Yellow Shirts (as of April 1, 2018). You MUST start the process as soon as you are hired. Yellow Shirts must submit completed and approved working papers BEFORE starting work. (YITS DO NOT NEED WORKING PAPERS). *
If you will be 18 (or over) as of April 1, 2018: Unless you have been previously employed by the Adult School, you will need to have a criminal background check (which includes fingerprinting). You MUST start the process as soon as you are hired as this can take some time to complete.
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Cell phone number: *
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Grade entering in September 2018 *
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Are you fully available June 25 - July 20, 2018? *
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Have you ever worked for the SO-M Adult School Children's Summer Program? *
If yes, please describe:
Have you ever been a student in the SO-M Adult School Children's Summer Program? *
If you were NOT a Yellow Shirt or YIT last summer, what did you do?
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If you were NOT a Yellow Shirt or YIT last summer, please list a complete employment history (including job description and dates):
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If you were NOT a Yellow Shirt or YIT last summer, you will need to have two recommendation forms (see below) filled out and submitted by February 28, 2018. One of these forms MUST be filled out by a teacher. Your application WILL NOT be considered if you do not have these recommendation forms completed by the deadline. *
Copy and paste the following link and email it to the persons you choose for your recommendation. Letters will not be accepted.The link for this form is: https://goo.gl/forms/01vEU1bDwcw4haFh2
Do you have an interest or expertise in any particular area (such as sports, arts & crafts, music, etc.)? Please describe:
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If you have any questions, please contact SO-M Adult School Summer Program Co-Coordinator Anthony Cicenia at acicenia@somadultschool.org
Which position(s) are you applying for? *
Select all positions you are interested in applying for. See this link for job descriptions: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1JFO7UdiYjRYIi-zRACFOrgo7PtaTX-H8A218TF82i7o/edit?usp=sharing
In 3 or 4 sentences, describe qualities you have that make you a strong candidate for this job. *
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