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Congratulations! Your child has been identified as having an interest in pursuing circus arts or more advanced instruction in a particular skill with CirqueLouis.

CirqueLouis is a nonprofit in the Louisville area with a purpose of providing our community experiential circus arts and through our Social Circus program, provide alternative and artistic physical activity promoting trust, confidence and compassion.

Social Circus is defined as a social change intervention that uses the circus arts as a tool for fostering personal and social development of identified “at-risk” individuals. The primary goal of a social circus program is to help participants achieve personal and social development by nurturing their self-esteem and trust in others, teaching them social skills, inspiring them to become active citizens, and helping them to express their creativity and explore their potential. Read more about the global work being done with circus arts at American Youth Circus Organization's website.

At CirqueLouis our goal with social circus to is to promote teamwork that helps foster self-esteem and, eventually, creative output. We strive to provide alternative and artistic physical activity promoting trust, confidence and compassion.

CirqueLouis' Social Circus is the program in which your child has been identified for. Our social circus is a comprehensive circus arts curriculum that fosters physical and mental growth. During this program, our instructors focus heavily on the students in their class, and cater to their growing needs in the circus arts arena. Generally the first class or so is run similarly to the educational program in order to better understand who is in the class, and then the curriculum shifts in order to best meet the needs of the students.

The head instructor of this program is Outreach Director and Teaching Artist Lee Mai ( and the program is run out of Louisville Visual Arts at 1538 Lytle Street in the Portland (by Lee) area OR the YMCA Buckner Soccer Arena in Buckner (by Abbie Springer) once a week. This program is offered to you at no cost, although there may be a wait list due to high interest level shown.

If your child is interested in furthering their performance arts repertoire please fill out the social circus application below, email for the required waiver and email CirqueLouis Outreach Director Lee Mai at or Abbie Springer at to let them know you will be attending!

For more information on CirqueLouis please visit our website at


Abbie Springer,
Co-Founder of CirqueLouis

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