Mentee Application
Thank you for your interest in a mentoring relationship designed to support beginning farmers. The FARRMS Mentoring Program exists to serve early career farmers who either currently operate or manage a farm business on land that they own, rent or access in other ways, or who have prior experience doing so. For more details please visit the program guidelines on the FARRMS website.

Applications are received and reviewed on an ongoing basis. Mentoring relationships are made in response to the specific needs and interests of mentees and the available mentors, a mentoring opportunity is not guaranteed. Mentoring matches are made one month prior to the Mentorship Cycle begins.
Application Deadlines:
December 1st for a January 1st start date
March 1st for a April 1st start date
August 1st for a September 1st start date

If you have any questions feel free to contact Anna Andersson, Program Coordinator at 701- 361- 6731 or
Farm Business Name, if applicable:
Website/social media of farm business, if any:
Email address:
Phone Number
Farming Experience Profile
Are you currently farming?
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If yes, how do you access farmland?
Do you have plans to change your land access situation in the future? If yes, please specify how.
How many years total have you been engaged in farming at a commercial scale?
What best describes the degree to which farm income is a part of your household income during the majority of your farming years?
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Indicate your level of involvement in farming currently:
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Which which agricultural production practices do you most identify?
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Which type of farm management dynamic best represents you currently?
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Where do you market our farm products or services?
Preferences for a Mentoring Relationship
What best describes your preferred general focus of the mentoring relationship for which you are applying?
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Areas of Focus
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2nd choice
3rd choice
4th choice
Breeding Stock/Genetics
Commodity Grain
Compost/ mulch/ livestock bedding
Cover Crops
Custom grazing
Direct market grain
Fiber production
Maple Syrup
Non-timber forest products (agroforestry)
Pasture (for feed and forage)
Pastured Livestock
Seed/transplant production
Small fruit/berries/brambles
Value-added production (commercial kitchen)
Other livestock (please specify)
Other value added production
Other enterprise
Organic Certification
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What do you want to learn from your mentor? - your answer here can be general (for example: animal health, organic certification, scale appropriate equipment, organic pest control for vegetables, etc.).
What modes of communication are you willing and able to use to support your monthly contact with a mentor?
Strong Preference
Low Preference
Prefer not to use
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Would you mind if your mentor sells products associated with the enterprise of focus in the same localmarket that you do, in other words, would be competing with you for local customers?
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If you are not matched with a mentor for 2020, would you like to be considered for 2021 program in the program continues?
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If you are offered an opportunity to work with a mentor, do you give permission to FARRMS to recognize you as a mentee in FARRMS' public communications? For example, if you complete a survey for evaluation purposes, a quote may be used in marketing materials in the future?
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If you know a mentor in your area you are interested in being paired with, please provide their information below: Name, phone, email:
How did you hear about this opportunity?
Please read and check all of the following affirmations before you submit your application.
Thank you for your applying to become an FARRMS Mentee! We will be in touch soon!
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