Keto Around the World Tour - Delicious Food Tastings including Dessert - Sept 14th 6pm
Keto Around the World Tour - Delicious Food Tastings including Dessert

Taste delicious food from all around the world, keto style by a private Gourmet Chef. The food is different EVERY World Tour. We want you to see just how delicious eating Keto can be INCLUDING amazing desserts (sugar free, gluten free and low carb of course)! You will get a whole meal here and it is ONLY $12 for members ($15 for non-members). We want you to experience this AND you can bring a friend or husband! This is a great way to introduce people to healthy eating. I will be there as well as you will get to meet many other members and some of our Team.

I have been ordering her meals for months and they are so delicious, including the desserts!
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