2021-06-07 My ViewPoint
2021-06-07 My ViewPoint
Give an animal that hibernates.
Name something you may see in the sky when its stormy out.
Give an emotion you may feel on any given day.
Other than a wedding, name an important event that may take you a while to get dressed for.
Name something that if you avoid, you will eventually pay a price for.
Fill in the blank: Sun < Blank>
Give a seafood that has a shell.
Name something you may plug in that is in mainly in your bathroom.
Give a movie that involves a witch or witches.
Give something in history that happened over 20 years ago.
Give a way people communicate without calling or texting on a phone.
What is something that might get a baseball player thrown out of a game.
Give a word you might use to describe a bed mattress.
Leaving from Michigan, give a country that would be a long flight to.
At what age would you say it is OK to let an older sibling babysit a younger sibling.
About how many meetings a week do you think a CEO of a company has to attend?
Give a president that was a state governor before taking office.
Give a horror franchise that you feel they should have stopped at the first movie.
Name a British rock band.
Give a type of aisle you walk down.
Give a green vegetable that can come in a can.
Give something you may ride in that you usually don’t control.
Give a weekday that you feel that you tend to go out to eat more on.
Give something that has a cheesy flavor in the snack aisle that you can’t pass up.
Name something that gets moved around your home often.
If you were married to an astronaut, what planet might you want to send them back to other than the moon?
Name a fairy tail that doesn't have a prince or princess in.
Give a place where someone may store their shoes.
Give a TV shows that airs on the HGTV network.
Fill in the blank: Water < Blank>
What is something you would expect to see at a graduation party.
Give a profession that starts with the letter “S”
What is something you shouldn’t waste?
If you were going to go for a long hike, what would you put in your backpack?
Give animal that can moves slower than a human.
If you just moved to a new city, what is the first thing you would look for?
Give a food you can recognize by its smell before even seeing it.
Give an artist someone might learn about in an Art History class.
Give a Disney Character that has their own ride at Walt Disney World.
Give a landmark you would expect to see visiting London.
Give a landmark you would expect to see visiting London.
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