Shakespeare Rewrite: To Be or Not to Be a Writer
StageX gives writers, directors and actors the opportunity to create high-caliber, dynamic theater. This edition of StageX is devoted to taking Shakespearean classics and bringing them into the modern world. As writers, you can choose to create a faithful, modern retelling or just take inspiration/create a loose interpretation from a particular play. Plays should be 15-25 minutes in length and can be tragedy, comedy and anything in between. All genres (fantasy, sci-fi, musical, western, film noir, etc) are welcome.

**You do NOT have to have a script ready by time of this registration. This is just to assign writers to start the process. Please note: registration does not guarantee a writing slot. If selected, you will have until JANUARY 9TH to complete the script. Once directors are selected, they may be able to work with you during the writing process if desired.**

A director and a team of actors will have approximately a month (perhaps 6 weeks) to prepare and rehearse after you hand over your completed script. Once you hand over your script, you should be open to working with the director and actors should they have any questions about the script. The plays will then be performed in front of a live audience in Tel Aviv.

To sign up as potential writer, please fill the following form. We will get in contact with you shortly after submission for a follow-up.
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