Missionary Screening and Debriefing
Dr Brent Lindquist Ph.D.
Link Care Center

Organized by "Churches and Missions Agencies Together"

Clinic in Spiritual and Relational Screening for Missionary Candidates
9:00am – 3:30pm, Fri 13 Oct 2017
Bartley Christian Church, 4 How Sun Drive, S(583526)

WHAT IS IT ABOUT? Missions agencies and churches have usually opted for clinical and psychological measures when looking for the best candidate. This clinic will focus instead on looking for assets in a candidate's life and experience which will forecast their future effectiveness and resilience. We will do this through the lenses of spiritual and relational measures.

The clinic will look at the general screening process and the necessary components. Then we will look at spirituality screening tools. Finally we will look at how to bring all of this together to understand who the candidate is, and how they might function best in the future.

WHO SHOULD ATTEND? This clinic is open to missions agency and church personnel responsible for identifying and evaluating missionary candidates for both short and long term mission assignment. Attendees will get access to handouts, resource and reference material which will include samples of screening tools and reports.

Missionary and Mission Debriefing Seminar
9:00am – 3:30pm, Sat 14 Oct 2017
Bartley Christian Church, 4 How Sun Drive, S(583526)

WHAT IS IT ABOUT? Missions leaders often need to conduct a debriefing that hopefully gains an understanding of a missionary's experience and empowers him or her to increase in ministry effectiveness. This seminar will look at the different kinds of debriefing and identify effective debriefing strategies, including developing good questions and processes. Learning will be complemented with practice debriefings, exploring case studies, and envisioning future needs in this area.

WHO SHOULD ATTEND? Mission and church staff who are responsible for debriefing and follow-up of missionaries under their care. Attendees will be given access to handouts, materials and resources to help them refine and enhance their debriefing skills.

About the Speaker
DR BRENT LINDQUIST Ph.D. is the President of Link Care Center, in Fresno California, USA. Link Care is a counselling and pastoral care center for missionaries and pastors in US denominations and mission organizations. He also consults for mission groups as part of Missio Nexus, and is a learning architect for Crosswired, a global online learning and collaborative community.

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