WLPCS Enrollment Form 2018-19
The deadline to submit all but the health and dental forms is May 1 for new students, and May 15 for re-enrolling students. Once enrolled at Latin, students do not need to apply through MySchoolDC in subsequent years.

If you have multiple children at Washington Latin, you must complete one form for each student.

Please note that your enrollment is not complete until all paperwork has been submitted and verified.

Student First Name *
Student Last Name *
Student Grade in 2018-19 (next year) *
Student Gender *
You must choose male or female as required by OSSE.
Student Gender: Optional
Please list anything else you would like us to know about your student's gender if male or female is not a complete answer.
Student Race/Ethnicity *
You may choose more than one.
Student's previous school *
Year in which student began attending Latin *
Student Birthdate *
Student Address: Number and Street *
Student Address: Apartment #
Student Address: City *
Student Address: State *
Student Address: Zip Code *
Student Address: Ward *
Does this student have siblings at Washington Latin? *
Please list all additional children under age 18 in your household. *
Type N/A if there are no additional children under age 18 in your household.
Parent/Guardian #1: Relationship to Student *
Parent/Guardian #1: Gender
Parent/Guardian #1: First Name *
Parent/Guardian #1: Last Name *
Parent/Guardian #1: Address *
Parent/Guardian #1: Primary Cell Number *
This is the number you would like us to call first in all cases. It is also the primary number for School Messenger, our alert service for delays, closings, etc. as well as other important information.
Parent/Guardian #1: Home Number
Parent/Guardian #1: Work Number
Parent/Guardian #1: E-mail *
Parent/Guardian #1: Job/Career Title, Place of Employment *
Please indicate the highest level of education completed by Parent/Guardian #1. *
Parent/Guardian #1 Relationship to Parent/Guardian #2 *
Student: Living Arrangements *
With which parent/guardian does the student primarily live?
Will you be providing information for a second parent or guardian? *
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